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Phosphates keys to Instant noodle

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2 Influencing factor for Instant noodle

For Instant nooeds,there have 2 influence : a,Fluor b,formular
For a Flour,the dosage of water is different in different kinds of flour,If the dosage of the water is not match,then it will influence the whole quality of the noodles.
We think,there are two way to work it out:
1> Apply the 44% water absorption of the farinographe as the water dosage;

2>After adding the water to the flour,when the water content of the flour cake/dough is to 35% will be proper,.then deducted the water content of the flour itself,we can get the amout of the water which we need to add.
Eg,in 1000g flour,(the water content of the flour itself is 15.3%,which will be 153g),we add some water to make the water content of the flour to be this time,the totoal weight of the flour cake/dough is 1350g,then we can get the water content in this fluor cake/dough is 1350gx35%=472.5g,then deducted the water content of the flour itself 153g,472.5g-153g=319.5g---->this 319.5g is the amount of the water which will be added to the flour.
Fomular: As we all know that different companies,the formular are not the same.each ingredients of the formular support each other,supplement each other.Each factory make the noodles as per their own characteristics,so the additive amount to each ingredients are also not same,also have different demanding to the phosphates.

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