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  • name: Sodium Trimetaphosphate

Product Name:Sodium Trimetaphosphate


Chemical formula: (NaPO3)3    Molecular Weight305.92

Properties: White crystal or powder, melting point at 627.6oC., easily soluble in water(21g/100g). add Sodium chloride in water and become 6 H2O salt crystal.

Specifications: FCC


Specification FOOD GRADE
P2O5, content % 68.0-70.0
Arsenic, as As %≤ 0.0003
Fluorides %≤ 0.005
Heavy metals, %≤ 0.001
Water insoluble substance. %≤ 0.1

Application Used as starch modifier, turbidness-preventing agent for fruit juice drinks, water-holding agent for meat processing, water softener, adhesive agent and dispersing agent for meat, and stabilizer for ice cream, cheese and other dairy products for the sake of protecting food from
discoloring and decomposing of vitamin C.

Packing: 25kgs net paper bags or 25kgs net plastic woven bags